Growth Online Advertising Package

The Growth Online Advertising (PPC) Package provides your business with a dedicated PPC specialist to Create, Manage, and Monitor your Google AdWords Campaign on your behalf. Keyword research is used to analyze which search terms will be more beneficial for your business & provide the business owner the basic digital presence he needs in both Google and its other Search Partners allowing him to grow his business together with his online audience. It also includes remarketing campaigns that will target people who already visited your site.

Best Suited for campaigns with monthly budgets of $3,001 – $5,000/mo. Includes Search Network Campaign, Display Network, and Remarketing.

Key features:

  • Google AdWords Account Setup, Research and Analysis including Keyword Research, Ad Grouping, Ad Text Creation, Budget Analysis and Geo-Targeting.
  • Landing page audit and recommendation based on conversion-centric optimization.
  • Calibration and bid optimization plus campaign monitoring and analysis including Conversion Tracking, Traffic Statistics Analysis, and Analytics Monitoring.
  • Personalized reports: Monthly Setup Report, Monthly Performance Report, Dashboard

Budget Range: $3001 – $5,000

Platforms: Search Network, Display Network, Remarketing


Initial Setup


Monthly Commitment

  • * Plus Media Costs ($3001-$5000 per month) Contact us for full details