Essentials Social Media

Social Media Essentials uses 1 social media platform (Facebook) to drive awareness, calls, and foot traffic for local businesses that have a physical office or are location-specific. It focuses on sophisticated targeting, high-quality creative, and turnkey social media service to propel results and provide ROI on the business.

  • Unique Social Media Strategy: Content Strategy, Brand Analysis, Competitor Analysis
  • Facebook Page Setup and Local Business Verification (Cover Photos, text)
  • Facebook campaign created specifically for small businesses, optimized to drive foot traffic and gain awareness within the immediate vicinity of the small business
  • Highly collaborative – tailored content based on the promos of the small business for the month. Email sent every month to the digital agency for information for the month.
  • Localized audiences researched and targeted for their high-affinity with the product or service the small business offer via proprietary affinity targeting based on audience engagement data
  • Built-in ad budget ($50) to boost each post to the unique audience, build audience, and raise reach and impressions per post
  • Monthly Facebook performance report, including content report, audience report, and local reach report

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