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Broadcast Media Advertising (Radio & Television)

As with most other media used for advertisement message delivery, television and radio offer distinct advantages. Radio and TV are mediums are used daily by the majority of the population. Sure, DVRs and Satellite radio have had an impact on this medium, but for small, local businesses… these mediums are still very much a part of the community.

Radio & Television advertising are a part of any well balanced marketing plan. While digital mediums reach a rather large audience these days, these mediums still command a fairly large audience and can’t be ignored.

What’s more, because of the nature of Radio & TV, it could be the ideal marketing medium for some businesses.

  • If your product or service is not know.
  • Do you solve a problem in a unique fashion?
  • Do you solve a need most people don’t realize they have?
  • Build brand recall and recognition
  • establish yourself as an authority in your business.

Radio and TV, due to it’s repetitiveness can certainly be a great medium for many businesses, but it must be used properly to get the intended effect.


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How Broadcast Advertising helps your Business…

Be Found

Broadcast media can reach an audience very quickly and efficiently. If you are relatively unknown, broadcast can put your business in front of a large group of prospects within days.


Be Memorable

Radio Jingles, tag lines and mascots… No matter how cheezy some of them might be, nobody can argue the fact that they have staying power. From the old trusty “by Mennen” outro, to the geicko gecko, nearly everyone remembers these brand symbols.

Be Trusted

Radio & Television bring a certain sense of credibility to your business, because see and hear from you and build an emotional bond. The more your advertising relates to them, the more trust you will inherently build with prospects.

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