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If there is one thing most start-ups have in common, it is the lack of a marketing budget. When every dollar spent has to equal a sale, it can be difficult to justify doing video marketing, or any “Branding” marketing efforts at all. However, there are many excellent reasons why start-ups should make video marketing one of their key tactics.

Top Reasons Why Start-ups Should Do Video Marketing

Video can elevate perception of your brand.

One of the biggest challenges start-ups often face is seeming equal to more established competitors.  Most people have no idea how much it costs to make a video and assume that it is expensive. Therefore, producing a well-made video makes it seem as though you have a large marketing budget and the sales to support it. Pair your video with one or two testimonials from big clients, and suddenly you seem much more established.

Video is not as expensive as you think.

Although video seems expensive, it certainly doesn’t have to be. Large companies often spend 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars on videos. However, if you have a clear idea and choose an independent video production agency, you can make it fit into your limited budget. We were able to make video fit our client’s budget by writing our own script, minimizing edits and sticking to the producer’s timetable. The end result was a fantastic animated short for much less than we planned.

Video is a talking point for social media and PR.

Start-ups and small business owners usually limit themselves to direct mail, email marketing and online advertising as primary tactics. Let’s face it, while they can be very effective, they are just not that interesting to social media followers and the press. A good video can be a way to break through the clutter and catch their attention. This is especially true if you make a product that requires explanation. You can use the video as an elevator pitch to potential clients. You can share it with family, friends and colleagues on social media. Facebook, twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are great places to start – make sure to ask them to share it with their networks. You can even send it to trade publications and offer to write an informational article that explains why products like yours are important to their readers.

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of ruling out video without properly considering its value as a marketing tactic. However, if you are in a competitive industry or have a complex product, video should be at the top of your list, at least as a consideration.

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